Right to Water

Research project

Solar thermal water disinfection plant (SoWaDi)

The Human Right to Water and Sanitation is recognized world-wide since 2010. We developed a small plant, which allows it to improve water quality through heat treatment. The plant uses solar energy, comparable to a flat plate collector. In this way it works as a standalone system that is widely independent from other infrastructure. The development of the concept aimed at a user friendly handling, which helps preventing any accidental misuse. We tried to live the idea of “helping people to help themselves” and reduced the design’s complexity as far as possible while increasing its robustness. This enables people to rebuild our design with the help of a construction manual which we created.

A solar thermal water treatment as an alternative to boiling on a stove or hearth.

A construction manual that enables you to build your own device.

The plant works without moving parts, which increases lifespan and robustness.

Good acceptance by users because of the well-known principle of boiling.

Only simple tools and wide-spread materials are used.

An ecofriendly and autarkic system.


An overview of all important documents with download option. If time is of the essence.

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