We developed a system, that can treat water using only solar energy. The device is designed in such a way, that it is simple to use and is very robust. Using a construction manual everyone is able to build it on their own and thus improve water quality. Here is everything you need to know about the solar thermal water disinfection system:

How it works

This is the solar thermal water disinfection unit or SoWaDi. You can learn more on how it works at

Concept to control water output

Understand the concept

If you prefer text over images, you can take a look here. It’s still a relatively short description.

Facts and figures

Condensed information: Here you can find an overview of our targets, the functioning principle of the device and numbers and facts about the device. This datasheet is meant for the technically experienced.


Build your own device! We have written a construction manual that explains how you can build the device on your own and what you’ll need to do so. We refrained from using complex and expensive tools and the materials used should be easily found wherever you live.

Instruction for use

The device is easy to use. Nonetheless there are some points worth noting. So at least check this section after you completed building the device!