This is an overview of the project’s essential documents.

Working principle

In this one-pager we try to explain the functioning principle as vividly as possible. This content overlaps with the section How it works.

LanguageGerman/ English
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Release date 01/05/2017


The datasheet summarizes the facts about the solar thermal water disinfection plant. You will find a short description of the functional principle, the necessary skills to build it, requirements on the water quality and the environment, the plant’s performance and what is needed in addition.

LanguageGerman/ English
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Release date 01/25/2016

Construction manual

The construction manual is the most extensive document. It describes what is needed for the construction. The plant’s buildup is described step-by-step with large illustrations and text.

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Release Date08/04/2020

User manual (short)

The user manual describes briefly what’s important directly before, while, and after operating the plant. Especially if the construction was done by third parties this document is important for the actual user.

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Release date 01/05/2017

Scientific publication

The scientific publication takes a closer look on the functioning principle and explains the design and calculation criteria for dimensioning the plant. It is also available here:

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Release date 03/26/2015