User Manual

This page only covers two sections of the User Manual. The entire User Manual can be found here: Documents.

Before the first use

Is the device oriented correctly?

The front of the device needs to face the sun when it is at its peak. The sun reaches its peak at noon. There should not be any shadows cast over the device during the day (e.g. by trees or houses). Also, it should be sheltered from wind if possible.

Is your water suitable?

The water you fill into the device has to be clear and free from chemical contamination (e.g. fluorine from the groundwater or heavy metals). Water from rainwater cisterns is a good choice.

Is the device cleaned?

Reinigen Sie die Ein- und Ausgabebehälter gründlich mit Seife und spülen Sie sie mit klarem, möglichst heißem Wasser aus. Es darf kein Schmutz mehr vorhanden sein. Reinigen Sie die Glasplatte, falls sie verschmutzt ist.

Is the device free of leaks?

Check every connection that will be in contact with water for tightness. Check the following connections:

  • Input container → Hose
  • Hose → Pipe
  • Output container → Water tap

Are the containers protected from dirt?

The hole in the output container needs to be protected from dirt, but make sure that the water can still flow freely. Do not connect a hose to the outlet. The hole for filling the input container needs to be protected from dirt as well.

Is a pressure compensation possible in the containers?

The containers must not be entirely airtight. There has to be a small opening, (a tiny hole, a gap or something similar), so that air can flow in and out of the containers during operation. If this is not the case, drill a small hole above the water level (as shown by the arrows).

Is the input container positioned at the correct height?

The difference in height between the exit of the riser out of the box and the bottom of the input container has to be at least 19 cm. If this is not the case elevate the input container, e.g. by putting something underneath the container. Fill the input container with water until the height difference between the water level and the outlet of the riser is 10cm. This is the maximum amount of water you should fill into the container. Write down that amount and mark the water level on the container.

Daily Operation

Filling the device

Fill the device in the evening or early in the morning. Use untreated water and fill it into the input container until you have reached the maximum amount.

Let the device work

The device is working. Water in the absorber is being heated by the sun. When the water is hot enough it will start to boil and kill off pathogens. The resulting steam will periodically push out water.

Take the water when required

As soon as at least half a liter of water is in the output container you can remove water from it into a clean container. This container should only be used for this purpose. Around noon the water will still be quite hot, in the evening it will have cooled down. The water needs to be used up entirely at least the next day (24 hours). Make sure that nobody contaminates the tap with their own container.

Empty the output container

Drain the entire output container.

Use the water within one day

After treating the water, use it within one day. If it is older than one day, pathogens can form again. In that case, pour it back into the input container and repeat the treatment.

Store the water properly

Treated water should be stored in plastic, ceramic, or metal containers, which have to be cleaned regularly. It needs an opening to pour the treated water in. That opening should be small and with a lid or cover. This prevents placing potentially contaminated items such as hands, cups, ladles or any type of objects into the stored water. It also needs a tap.

Maintenance and Shutdown

Regarding maintenance and shutdown, all information can be found inside the User Manual.