On January 6th at 12:00 pm, after a 14 hour trip, Tim and Elisabeth landed safely at Kilimanjaro International Airport. With a cab, they travelled to a nearby suburb of Arusha called Usa River. There they found their place to stay and visited the neighbor Eliet Senkoro. Eliet Senkoro is coordinator of the Probono Organization, an NGO which connects German and Tanzanian schools. Right now Eliet Senkoro is hosting Kasimir and his wife, Kasimir is a former member of Engineers without Borders Darmstadt. Kasimir is very much used to the Tanzanian country, the people and the culture. He will help us a great deal getting around and communicating with the people on Swahili.

After a great dinner at Eliet Senkoro’s house we went back to our place and went to bed. We are very excited for what we will see during the next days!