Evaluation process

The SoWaDi-Team at work in Darmstadt

Four weeks after our return to Germany we are currently busy with the evaluation of the project phase. All the data we collected is now being analyzed and classified, so that we can come to our final conclusions by the middle of April.
The next step for us is to identify and incorporate all the changes based on our findings, both in the system and the construction manual.

Our team is very motivated and eager to get forward, especially because we got some great water test results from Tanzania! A sample of treated SoWaDi water was given to a water laboratory and the results show that all the bacteria was killed during the treatment. This makes it official, the devices are working the way they are supposed to.

The Malage VTC uses the devices daily and takes precise care of it. The students clean it regularly and improved them a bit already. In addition we receive a report on the condition of the device and the amount of treated water every week.