Hibernation of the Device

Strong and steady the cold german weather has reached our city of Darmstadt. As we do not want to cause any harm to the device we built here only a few months ago we have decided to shut it down until spring; making sure it is safe from snow, rain, wind and the freezing temperatures and also that none of the components is damaged. In addition, we would not be able to get any valuable information in these months of winter as we lack sufficient sunshine for the device to work.

The 19th October the performance group met equipped with everything they needed at the Lichtwiese where our SoWaDi device is stationed. The water was pumped out and the different components were separated from each other to make sure their quality was maintained. In addition, the upper glass was removed. Sadly as well as the glass in Tanzania, ours had gotten a crack too.

We are going to look at this problem closely in the next months and hopefully come up with a solution. 

The last step was to cover up the whole device. We hope this ensures a save survival of the cold german winters and gives us the chance to start working again at the Lichtwiese as soon as the first sunshine reaches us again.