Hello everybody!

Visitation of the facility TZ01 at Malage VTC. 

During the last weeks we have received news about our devices from Tanzania and so we take the opportunity to share this news with all interested parties in the following blog entry.

KCF-Team und users at TZ01. 
Visitation of facility TZ02 at Malage VTC. 

The Kilimanjaro Childlight Foundation travelled with a small group to Malage VTC and Kidia to visit the six facilities and exchange information with the users. It turned out that currently only three of the six built devices are in operation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting school closures, the facilities of Kidia Primary and Secondary School are still not in operation, but this is expected to change with schools opening soon.

Those Employees of the Kilimanjaro Childlight Foundation have visited our facilities.

In addition, the weather in Tanzania is still very cloudy , as the rainy season has only recently ended. Therefore, the planned extraction of water samples could not take place, because the devices unfortunately do not provide any output without sunshine. For the same reason another device is still covered, but this one will be active again as soon as the weather allows it. 

At the Malage VTC the devices are running as planned, which makes us very happy! 

We hope that all SoWaDi participants are doing well according to the circumstances and we are looking forward to further feedback from Tanzania as soon as the devices are up and running again. 

Stay safe and healthy! 

TZ04 in Kidia.
KCF-Team and users of TZ04 in Kidia.