A small update from Tanzania

Hello everybody! 

We have some exciting news from Tanzania that we would like to share with you. Our devices TZ03, TZ04, TZ05 and TZ06 are now nine months old, so it is time for a water test to ensure that the quality of the output water is still good. Unfortunately, only TZ03 and TZ04 have been tested so far. The other devices were covered when the test was carried out. Please make sure to follow this blog, we will definitely post the other results as well.

The results from TZ03 and TZ04 look very promising! Both devices use input water which is heavily contaminated with E. coli bacteria. After the treatment, no bacteria were found in the devices’ output water. This result was validated by the laboratory MUWSA (Moshi Urban Water Supply And Sanitation Authority). It means, that water treated by both devices is safe for everyday use. We are motivated by those results as they show us one more time that the SoWaDi-concept of treating water works, even over longer periods of time. The exact test results are posted in the picture-gallery above. If you have any questions regarding the testing, do not hesitate to contact us using the contact-sheet… 😉 

Besides the negative test results, all devices are in a good shape! Minor repair jobs like changing the containers’ tap or cover were done, but all in all the devices mastered the rainy season with no problems.

Here you can see the output of TZ04. The blue bars represent the daily output, the average output is 6 liters per day.

Right now, the devices’ output is relatively low (an overview of the output from TZ04 is displayed in the picture-gallery above). Hopefully, the weather will get a little better, so we can see an increase in output. Let’s keep the fingers crossed! 

Stay safe and healthy!