Fit for the future

Mid-October our SoWaDi project group held a workshop to review the goals we set ourselves last year. The meeting was organized in a hybrid form so that project members could participate in presence or virtually via Zoom, in compliance with the current hygiene regulations. 

As in any other project, it is important for SoWaDi to regularly  check whether the measures introduced are contributing to the success of the project and whether the previously defined goals are still valid.

Therefore, at the beginning of the workshop, a review of the past objectives and the measures derived from them was given. This ensured that everyone was on the same level of knowledge. This was especially important for our new members. In the subsequent analysis, it was then determined which of the measures had been implemented and what lessons and experiences the group had been able to learn in the process. With the help of the lessons learned, working strategies can now be improved in the further course of the project. After this very successful first part of the workshop, we all had a very nice lunch together. 

In the second part of the workshop, new “smart” goals (specific, measurable, achievable, reasonable, time-bound) were defined. Afterwards, suitable measures for these goals were developed in independent groups. Always in mind was the goal to define internal strategies to help improve people’s living conditions by developing and implementing practical and professional solutions.

With the newly defined goals and measures, we can now move forward in our project work in a more goal-oriented andeffective way. Among others, this also includes several team building events that will take place in the upcoming months to further promote the team spirit within the team. After this successful workshop, we are all looking forward to the upcoming events.

Group photo from the workshop