Video about our test facilities

Our two test systems DE02 and DE03, which were built in April by our SoWaDi project group on the experimental field of the TU Darmstadt, have recently been running. SoWaDi stands for solar water disinfection: the system we developed boils water with the help of solar energy and thus reliably removes microbiological impurities. The parallel operation of the two new test plants allows us to evaluate design changes we will make to one of the two plants and to analyse its long-term performance.

The basic supply of safe water is still not assured in many parts of the world. Especially in rural regions in the global south, many people still depend on water sources that are contaminated with health-threatening pathogens and fall ill as a result. According to the WHO, an estimated 829,000 people die each year from diarrhoeal diseases related to unsafe water and inadequate sanitation.

Unfortunately, the video is currently only available in German.